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Loot Metaverse

By @lililashka, @msgdotvalue

Loot Metaverse is an alternate universe of the origin of the Loot at

We are committed to expanding Loot Metaverse, one universe at a time.
So that more people can join us to play and have fun.

Links to Loot Metaverse:



Loot (a Residence Card)

A LootMetaverse residence card has two levels: Black Card and White Card. The black card has a 10% chance of being minted and the white card has a 90% chance. Card usage in the metaverse will be announced soon.

8300 Cards are available for 0.05 ETH.
2800 Redeem coupons are available for Loot (for Cyberpunks), Loot, Dope Wars, and Gear (for Punks) holders (one per bag).

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Cy̷b͓̿e̵rp̴u̟n̫͝ḱ̤ṣ̈́ | Sale Ended

Loot (for Cyberpunks)

Welcome to the alternate universe #1 of the LootMetaverse. Grab a bag and get ready for an endless night in cyberpunk heterotopia.

Bags 1-8000 are reserved for Loot holders.
Bags 8001-10000 are available for everyone. Items will be determined by characteristics of your Synthetic Loot.

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